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The Saints are coming... [ November 29th - 19:47 ]
[ mood | ehhh. ]

Yeah. I'm back from the dead. I decided to bring this thing back to life.
So Today:

World History: Found out my teacher like has a bum leg and now he's using a cane. It's really sad. Took really gay notes, watched a scene or two from Gladiator, and the gay student teacher gave us homework. Urghh. 18 days until the brawll.

Honors Bio: Fell asleep. My bad. Worked on this oragami dna strand. Homework was to color. I feel like a kindergardener. =]

Symphony Band: Sightreading. EWWWW times about 10000000. Then we played a random Iraqi song. Really boring, and nothing funny happened. Really rare day.

German 1: Whole bunch of crappy like...activities stuff. Which sucked, cuz I really needed to finish my math. grrr. But I was with kelsey, so it was fun.

Lunch: wasn't hungrey. I just hung out around the school with people and drank a mountain dew.

German 1 continued: Didn't do ANYTHING....so I did my math. yayyy.

Honors English: Long lecture about literary analysis. Then we went to the media center, and I sat around talking and watching Grace play FFR. Funn.

Intergrated Math 2: My god, it was like an effin sauna in there. It was sooo hot. We just went over geometry, but it was one of the best classes of the year. So many funny momentsss. =] I actually liked math for once.

So I just came home, did nothing, and now I'm here. Out of boredem. Bringing this thing from the dead.

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AIM FOR KYLE. [ September 30th - 14:26 ]
dnceprincess1991: It's thunderstorming
x call me emmitt: very good
dnceprincess1991: =]
x call me emmitt: any more obvious comments you'd like to share with the class?
dnceprincess1991: Liz is a klutz.
x call me emmitt: you're wasting class time ms. ludwickkkkkkk now if you'll all find your seats we can get started with today's lesson
dnceprincess1991: *sits on the floor*
x call me emmitt: thank you
x call me emmitt: now
x call me emmitt: for todays lesson we will learn about
x call me emmitt: sexual predators
x call me emmitt: they're horny
dnceprincess1991: YAY
x call me emmitt: and old
x call me emmitt: and not good
x call me emmitt: if you talk to them
dnceprincess1991: I heart hornyness!
x call me emmitt: you will die
x call me emmitt: even if you do heart hornyness
dnceprincess1991: no,
x call me emmitt: excuse me ms ludwickerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm, please raise your hand if you have a comment for the class
dnceprincess1991: *takes hand out of pants*
dnceprincess1991: XD
dnceprincess1991: *raises hand*
x call me emmitt: bad images
x call me emmitt: yes ms ludwickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkm
dnceprincess1991: What about colin peeing in the bushes.
dnceprincess1991: X----x
x call me emmitt: ahh fattie!
dnceprincess1991: haha.
dnceprincess1991: he's not that fat.
dnceprincess1991: I've seen him with his shirt off.
x call me emmitt: when u were banging?
dnceprincess1991: 0___0
dnceprincess1991: how bout swimming....
dnceprincess1991: in his pool
dnceprincess1991: after band.
x call me emmitt: jay kay fmile
x call me emmitt: anyways did u see his pic? he looks gayyyyyyyyyyyyy
dnceprincess1991: I knowl
x call me emmitt: thats okay though cause hes pretty sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssschaweet in an alien sorta way
dnceprincess1991: haha.
dnceprincess1991: he has like split personalitles
x call me emmitt: yes sir
x call me emmitt: i miss travibear in all his horniness
x call me emmitt: like those sexual predators
dnceprincess1991: 0___0
dnceprincess1991: BAD IMA GE
dnceprincess1991: BAD IMAGE
dnceprincess1991: COLIN 'peeing' in bush
dnceprincess1991: OH GOD
dnceprincess1991: OH GOD
x call me emmitt: haha imprint those images into your head
x call me emmitt: and don't sleep through the next week
x call me emmitt: and then help me change my name to carl
dnceprincess1991: I'm gonna go listen to music
dnceprincess1991: talk to you tomorrow
x call me emmitt: psh losers listen to music
x call me emmitt: lllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser
dnceprincess1991: my dad wants the computer
x call me emmitt: yes sir i will type to you tomorrow as well
x call me emmitt: not talk sir, type
x call me emmitt: =]
dnceprincess1991: IM A WOMAN.
dnceprincess1991: NOT A SIR
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I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk [ July 1st - 19:06 ]
[ mood | Why is my dad making me clean ]

Hey...I'm back from the dead.

Yeahhh, a lot of stuff has happened since then.
But I'm too lazy to type it out.

I will try to update more.

That is all for now.

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[ May 29th - 20:36 ]
I've become too busy. It's sad.

I'll update this after school ends.
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Everyone knows I'm in over my head... [ April 23rd - 17:29 ]
[ mood | Good, I guess. ]

Yeah. I'm back.

If you want to know more about my trip, I/m me.

Comment me, and I'll give you my s/n.

So, how was everyone's break?

Comment me, with anything pretty much.

Let's see how many comments I can get.

They can say completley random things. I could care less.

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I'm finally back. [ April 11th - 18:05 ]
[ mood | blah... ]

Yeah. I've been here. I've been commenting on a few people. I just haven't updated. I'm not dead don't worry. There's just been a lot of stuff going on in my life, and I dont want everyone to see it. If you must know, just ask me.

My day in a nutshell:
Band: boring. Played Amazing Grace, which we suck at.

Art: Finished watercolor. Quite boring, acutally. Jeremy was being an ass though.

Math: Got our quizzes back. 11.5/12. ^___^ That's the best I've done in a LONG time. Got a ton of work to do. Great.

SS: I'm seriously about ready to slap Mrs. Roberts. She's getting on my nerves so badly. She's the reason I'm in the sucky I-time, and she always yells at me. Well, we're semi caught up to the rest of the group, we just have to decorate. Which is good. Still, I want to smack Mrs. R.

English 1: attempted to work on the project and got like Nowhere.

Lunch: Meh. Same old. Stephanie wasn't there, she's in Flordia. Lucky. Hung outside for a while.

English 2: actually accomplished work. We finished the game, and started to play it. It's very deathy.

Science: like, absolutley nothing. We watched the play videos from our Polluntants play. God, they were funny, cuz we kept on messing up. Did some stupid bellwork too.

I-time: Me and Grace pretty much just talked. I got white out on my monkey -_-. It's on my shirt and now its tail has white out on it. Which made me sad.

Well, that's about it. Break starts Thursday. Oh yeah, by the way....

HIATUS! Sorry, guys. I'm going to Alabama over spring break. I'm leaving Wendesday (12th) and won't be back until the Sunday after...the...uh...23rd. I'll probably call most of my MI friends on my CELL PHONE! Yes, I finally got one. YAY!!! So make sure to comment me while I'm gone and make me happy. :D

You can also add me to your myspace: www.myspace.com/lizard91

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I'm Walking in Memphis [ March 2nd - 16:24 ]
[ mood | meh...today sucked ]

Today sucked. Horribly. Like...Woah my god.

Band: Played a lot. Really boring. I don't like the new student teacher that much.

Art: Worked on the optical illusion and my purple sharpie ran out of ink. Great. Jeremy kept stealing my stuff.

Math: Started new lesson about like...linear growths and decays. Lots of homework.

Social Studies: So boring...I don't even remember about what. I do know that I like passed notes and doodled teh entire hour.

English #1: Read the "Tall-Tale Heart" with Melanie. It had a pretty bad ending.

Lunch: No comment. Ate pizza, and found out some idiot is spreading crap about me.

English #2: Went to book fair. Got two books. Almost broke down. Alysha was my 'physicatirst'

Science: Mrs. Stoughtons new catchphrase is SEXYSEXYSEXY. She called Mitchell sexy. Haha.

I-Time: Boring. Read the entire time, and bothered kyle, with his bookmark. haha.

Before the bus ride: To annoy andy, I decided to stand in front of his locker. Well, apparently he was in a bad mood, and he pushed me over. So I got up and punched him in the shoulder, without remembering I had on one of those pointy heart bracelets. The heart like, stabbed me, and stabbed holes through my shirt. Eek.

Then I came home and found out, my grandma's in the hospital. GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. that's just the icing to the cake.

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Cold hard bitch, just a kiss on the lips [ February 26th - 17:42 ]
[ mood | hehe ]


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Hiatus [ February 18th - 11:00 ]
[ mood | Dear Diary: Mood: Apathedic ]

Image hosting by TinyPic

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I'm two quarters and a heart down..... [ February 12th - 15:25 ]
[ mood | dying of boredom here ]

SurveyCollapse )

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So here I am, it's in my head, & I'll savor every moment of it [ February 9th - 18:05 ]
[ mood | amused ]

My Day:
BusThe bus came like 10 minutes so I just watched it pass my house, and I'm like WTF? So I go to Casey's bus stop. Fun times.
Band Played gay stuff....Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Band clinic tomorrow. Seriously, I hope that I get sick. I REALLY don't want to go. Seriously. Someone come kidnap me.
ArtSome stupid movie about watercoloring. Seriously, how many stupid movies can be shown in a week? Added "All the Time" by Green Day, and "Hotel California" by the Eagles lyrics on my portfolio.
Math Uh...Not a lot happened. To the point I can't remember anything. At all.
Social Studies So very boring, nothing amusing happened. This class is such a bore.
English 1st Half Played Bingo. We had to yell out OINK instead of bingo lmao.
Lunch Pizza day! YAY! Had a slice of pizza, chicken tenders, and a lolipop. I can suck that for a long time....lmao. Just kidding.
EnglishMedia Center ness. Goofed off.
Science I think Mrs. Stoughton has something against children. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY a lot of work. Urk. Haha. Amber was talking about having to go pee really badly, and she said she took her pants off down the hall at the end of the story. Of course, thats the only thing anyone heard. And she said something about shirt, and Mrs. Stoughtons like. YOU MAY NOT TALK ABOUT MORPHINE IN SCHOOL!!! ITS AN DRUG! And she's like...uh...I said shirt.
I-time boring as usual.
ACTIVITY NIGHT Best part of the day...most definitley. Me and Alysha dancing the disco ^___^. Unwrapping starbursts with tounge (which I can do quite well), and the cotton eyed joe dance while eating a snow cone. Ya know, you have to have mad skills to do that.

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One I ran to you, now I run from you [ February 8th - 18:24 ]
[ mood | geeky ]

My day:

Art Watched dumb movie about Monet and worked on portfolios.
MathNew lesson and such. I actually get it. Its pretty amazing. Me, Cindy, and Kyle were talking ranomly. We get too much homework in this class.
Social Studies Independent project *sigh* So boring. Had to retake a test I got 44% on. -_-
English Randomly hung out in the library
Lunch We were in the Media Center for a pizza party for band. So me steph and alysha are pretending to be drunkards, and we aer downing pop. I down mine to fast, and I choke on it and it gets all over my white hoodie, and blue jeans. -_- It was funny though
English Take 2Stayed in the libary again. My pants were soaked, so my mommy brought me new ones. Lol
Shuddup. Me and Cindy were going around to random classrooms finding boxtops. ^__^
ScienceOur teacher leaves us not only with a bitchy sub, but with 30 vocab words, an entire chapter to read, and questions, and notetaking ALL DUE TOMORROW. ARGH
I-timeShe wouldn't let us leave the room. Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But before I-time, I was waving into the other science class where a lot of my friends were. I would wave and do random things til the teacher noticed and looked to see what it was, and I'd run away. The teacher thought they were crazy cuz they were randomly waving and laughing.

Yeah...I got my second set of retainers this afternoon, and then went to white castle.


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Watch it. I know you want to. [ February 6th - 20:13 ]
[ mood | blah ]


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Sing like you think no one's listening [ February 6th - 5:55 ]
[ mood | Tiredd. ]

Survey at 6AM

Bold to all that applies

Appearance (I have)

A boyish cut
Chin length hair
Shoulder length hair (ish)
Long hair
Straight hair
Curly hair
Wavy hair
Thick hair
Blonde hair
Red hair
Brown hair (REALLY DARK)
Ginger hair
Black hair
My hair is dyed an unnatural colour
My hair is dyed
Blue eyes
Brown eyes
Green eyes
Hazel eyes
Grey eyes
Big feet
Average sized feet (8-9?)
Small feet
Long fingernails
Short fingernails
I bite them
Painted fingernails
Painted toenails
Pale skin
Tanned skin
Clear skin
The odd spot or two

I live in a…


I have…

Brother(s) older than me
Brother(s) younger than me
Sister(s) older than me
Sister(s) younger than me
A favourite relative
A least favourite relative
Several cousins
A big family

A small family

My favourite music is…

Pop rock

Hip Hop (A little bit)
New Age
Alternative Pop

My favourite movies are…

Romantic comedies
Real life

Remakes of Horror
Sci fi

Pets (I have a)

Guinea Pig

I have…

My own computer
A Stereo
A DVD player
A camera

A digital camera
Over 100 Cds
CD racks
A lamp shade
Music DVDs
Drawing pads
An instrument

A fan
Make up
A bank account
Photo frames
My own bathroom
A chair in my bedroom
A single bed

A double bed
2 or more Xangas
A Vampire Freaks account
Good online friends
Many skirts
Many tops
Many trousers
Shelves of books
Beanie babies
Stuffed toys
Lots of pillows

Mixed tapes
A printer
A jewelery box
A dressing table
Lots of money
Little money
A boyfriend
A girlfriend
Ice cream
My own hair dryer
Hair straightner
Curling iron
Lip gloss
A curfew

My favourite holiday is…

St. Patrick's Day
Independance Day

My favourite sport is…

Football (Soccer)
Football (American)

I’d love to go to…


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You check out anytime you like, but you can never leave... [ February 4th - 15:18 ]

justbreakaway91: R-I-K-K-I
Rikki: OH EM GEE. HI
Rikki: XD
justbreakaway91: hahaha
justbreakaway91: ewwwwwww
Rikki: what?
justbreakaway91: you know how some time you hiccup you feel like your gonna puke...
Rikki: yeah o_o
justbreakaway91: that just happeened
Rikki: ewww
Rikki has accepted your invitation to play Pool.

justbreakaway91: I told my friend I had to go so I could play wit you
Rikki: o: I FEEL LOVED<3
justbreakaway91: You should
justbreakaway91: I feel like a geek -_-
Rikki: D: how come?
justbreakaway91: Im singing to old disney songs
Rikki: haha
justbreakaway91: Now to Tommy Lee
justbreakaway91: whos like....UBER HOT
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: not hot. HAWT
justbreakaway91: *teenybopper spelling*
Rikki: MOO
Rikki: XD NOO*
Rikki: oh man. that was close >_>
justbreakaway91: Hottee with a bodee
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: New icon!
Rikki: O: thats awesomeeee
justbreakaway91: *points*
justbreakaway91: I have that skirt ^______^
Rikki: it's a really awesome skirt
justbreakaway91: I know. My auntie got in California
Rikki: awesome
justbreakaway91: WHENS MY FREIND GOING TO CALL !!!!!!1!!!!!
Rikki: x.x
justbreakaway91: That lives in this state
justbreakaway91: Cuz you know, if you lived in michigan, you'd be like my BFFEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAE
Rikki: XD Yes, yes I would be =]
justbreakaway91: *takes breath*
Rikki: rofl
justbreakaway91: AEAEAEAEAE
justbreakaway91: period
Rikki: haha
justbreakaway91: NOES
justbreakaway91: I'm losting
justbreakaway91: lmao. Losing.
Rikki: oh man o_o
Rikki: XD
Rikki: ohman.youhave2ballsagainXD
justbreakaway91: lmao
justbreakaway91: HOLY SHIT
justbreakaway91: ITS SNOWING
Rikki: OOO:!
justbreakaway91: yay
justbreakaway91: *claps and jumps around*
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: I'm like a teenybopper about to meet Jesse McCartney
Rikki: XD
justbreakaway91: coughEven though I went to his concertcough
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: I'm a pathedic peice of human speciem
Rikki: lol
Rikki: oh man o_o I thought the 8 ball was gonna go in.
justbreakaway91: SHIT
justbreakaway91: SHITE
justbreakaway91: I just helped you
Rikki: you did o_o? XD Thanks?
justbreakaway91: yeah.
Rikki: its gonna be a while before I get the orange one in, I know it haha
justbreakaway91: Now. I'm abnormal. I have 3 balls
Rikki: XD
Rikki: some people might like that o_O
Rikki: ohman.Ididnotjustsaythat..>_>;;;
justbreakaway91: *falls out of chair*
Rikki: rofl
justbreakaway91: I sound like I'm hyperventilating
Rikki: haha
Rikki: WOAHHH.
Rikki: D: I almost helped you backkkkkkkkkk.
justbreakaway91: Actually you did in a way
Rikki: WOOH
justbreakaway91: You're giving me really good ball placement.
justbreakaway91: *busts out laughing*
justbreakaway91: That was PERFECT
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: California here we come.
justbreakaway91: Right back where we started from
Rikki: o:
justbreakaway91: I love that song.
justbreakaway91: GO RIKKI
Rikki: XD
justbreakaway91: You're going to win
Rikki: HAHAH
Rikki: I feel like hitting it wrong just for you rof.;
Rikki: rofl*
justbreakaway91: haha. Lets see how long this can last
justbreakaway91: *claps* VERY HARD HIT
Rikki: lol
Rikki: yes, yes it is
Rikki: Wooahz.
Rikki: hmm
justbreakaway91: hahaha. I didnt even hit the ball
justbreakaway91: haha
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: I <3 my shirt
Rikki: OK.
Rikki: WAIT.
justbreakaway91: wait...wha?
justbreakaway91: I don't know. I never asked him
Rikki: XD
Rikki: well..someone just asked me if thats why he's my favorite superhero o_o
justbreakaway91: Cuz Tom welling plays him on smallville and hes hot.
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: And the other superman had a breathing tube and was friends with steven hawkning that guy who talks with the computer
Rikki: XD im talking about Spiderman rofl
justbreakaway91: haha.
justbreakaway91: haha.
justbreakaway91: haha.
Rikki: WOAH
justbreakaway91: SHITE
Rikki: o__o have you ever heard like..a ringing in your ear, for no reason?
justbreakaway91: yeah
Rikki: guh, thats happening right now :l
justbreakaway91: I'm like having a muscle spasm
Rikki: x.x
justbreakaway91: I look seizure liek
Rikki: x.x
Rikki: omgz, lyk, Sum 41
justbreakaway91: YAY
justbreakaway91: My shit says good kitty on the front with a kitty sitting next to a fishbowl and on the back it says bad kitty with a kitty sitting next to a empty fishbowl and licking its lips
justbreakaway91: MY SHIRT! MY SHIRT
Rikki: XDDDD
justbreakaway91: I am NOT having a good typing day
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: My friend just invited me over
justbreakaway91: ^________^
Rikki: awesome O:
justbreakaway91: I <3 love this song
justbreakaway91: sorry. That was redunant.
Rikki: lol
Rikki: XD I started laughing REALLY loud when I read redundant
justbreakaway91: haha.
Rikki: I think I have some mental problem. Honestly.
Rikki: o_o; hellogoodbye scares meee.
justbreakaway91: I just tripped over the toliet
Rikki: XD
justbreakaway91: i'm serious.
Rikki: oh man.
Rikki: I've done that before
justbreakaway91: YOU HAVE 2 BALLS
justbreakaway91: yay
justbreakaway91: I have 6.
justbreakaway91: Triple the pleasure.
Rikki: Wow.
Rikki: ROFL
justbreakaway91: yay
justbreakaway91: 7 balls
Rikki: haha
justbreakaway91: 3.5 times the pleaure
Rikki: XD
justbreakaway91: crap
Rikki: YESSS.
justbreakaway91: CRAP
Rikki: o:
justbreakaway91: We need a good stoping point so I can post this in my lj
Rikki: lol
justbreakaway91: Like...what should it be
Rikki: hmm..maybe..
Rikki: 3.5 times the pleasure?
justbreakaway91: okay
justbreakaway91: 3.5 the pleasure, 3.5 the fun, 3.5 the pleasure of the LR pool.

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[ February 2nd - 21:11 ]
Vote for Mariah and you die.
Vote for Green Day!

List 5 random things about yourself, then tag 5 other people.

1) I've never had a boyfriend.

2) I almost died when I was little. I like stopped breathing. Sometimes, like during rough times, I sometimes wish that had just killed me.

3) I hate sterotypes.

4) I might act loud, but inside I'm pretty shy.

5) I'm left handed.

5 People:
1. ganabanana
2. twinkletoes38
3. um...melbel8x
4. Anyone else, everyone else on my friends list has pretty much done it.
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Show some muscle: Do the hustle [ January 31st - 15:03 ]
[ mood | Gimmy, Gimmy:Shimmy, Shimmy ]

My day.

Band Played the festval music. BOOOOOOOOOOOORING.
Art Worked on those Name art things. Hahah. My name doesn't even fit on one line...pathedic if you ask me. I have ELIZ out of ELIZABETH done. w00t. Pretty funny conversations though.
Intergrated MathI swear,Mr. Klein was in a killing mood today. Probably only 28% of his other classes turned in their homework. *sigh* Took a random quiz, and worked on a lesson thingy. Benchmark Thursday. Hmm...note to self: get sick on Thursday.
Social Studies She decided the "smart people" are going to be doing something different than everyone else. We have to do this project about being French people that are exploring the South. WTF?
I'm in a group with Melanie and Julie. We are doing a video. yay. It should be fun.
Lunch The lunch line was better than the rest of the hour. I was standing around a lot of peoples I know. fun fun. Had popcorn chicken, 1/3 of a soft pretzel, and a propel.
After Lunch I was being random in the bathroom, I was attempting to juggle quarters. Sara's like "If one of those hits me in the head, I'm going to kill you, then spend it." So I threw one at her. It was canaidan. For some reason, I was dying laughing over this. And then it fell in the trashcan. I laughed harder. :p
English I couldn't concentrate worth crap, so I'm doing it for hw. Me and Nicole were rebels, we were going up the down stairs. MUHAHAHA. We also made copies fun fun.
Science Reviewed for test tomorrow. Boring.

I'll update laterz....

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Band Clinic [ January 27th - 21:12 ]
[ mood | stupid band thing ]


Someone pass the razor. It seriously did suck so.

It's apparently not bad enough I'm in a section with all guys, but they only semi-sane guy in the section was on vacation. *sigh* They were mucho annoying. The guest conductor was okay I guess, funny enough. At least it wasn't Mr. johnston. Then I seriously would of needed the razor. We really didn't improve much, so it was a COMPLETE waste of time. A good friday, gone. The only fun parts were the break/dinner, when many funny things happened. Here are some quotes:

(In Sectionals)
Mitch: I think my pants are falling down.
Me: 0_o. o_0.
Matt: We didn't need to know that, especially Liz.
Me: Seriously.
Mitch: Yes,she does. She needs to know EVERYTHING about me. *kissy face*
Me: *moves to other side of room*

(Last Full Rehearsal)
Band conductor: Was that mushy or crunchy?
Ben R: *really odd voice* MUUUUUUSHY
*everyone around laughs*

Me: Is this your french horn, Colin?
Colin: Yeah.
Me: *starts to fool around on it and about to play it*
Colin: *dies laughing* THATS MY TEACHERS!!!
Me: Oh shit. *puts down*

Steph: Let me see your ball.
Ben: *shows her tennis ball*
Steph: I want to touch it.
Me: No. You want to stroke it PASSIONATLEY.

Me: What Cds do you have?
Mitch: uh....Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Green Day.
Me: ^______^ GREEN DAY?!?!?!?!?!?!
Mitch: Yeah...why?
Me: I love Green Day!!! *girly scream* *falls out of chair*

Yeah....Ben had a tennis ball cuz he was practicing goaling. We kept on stealing it and he would chase us around. We would like tackle each other for the ball. Quite fun.

I'll update later.

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Oh. My. God. [ January 26th - 19:42 ]
[ mood | HOLY CRAP ]

I think I broke my toe. OWCH! And it hurts like a mother.

I'll update later.

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Survey [ January 23rd - 15:36 ]
[ mood | bball game ]

Yeah. I know, I haven't really updated in a while. But today sucked, and I don't want to talk about it. Therefore: Survey.

01. Eyeliner or mascara?

02. Louis vuttion or dooney & burke?
dooney & Burke

03. American eagle or hollister?

04. Dolce and Gabanna or Louis Vuttion?

05. Skirts or pants?

06. Socks or leggings?

07. Hoodies or jackets?

08. Heels or sneakers?

09. Straight or curly hair?

10. Hoop or dangling earrings?

11. Side bangs or one lengthed?
side bangs

12. Gemma ward or adrianna lima?
and who are these people again?

13. White or black?

14. victoria's secret or bath and body works?
victoria's secret (lolz)

15. Smoothies or lattes?

16. Diet or regular sodas?

17. Water or daquiris?

18. Pearls or diamonds?

19. Vintage or boho?
vintage 'cause I have no idea what boho is.

20. Marykate or Ashley Olsen?

21. Thin or fat?
in between

22. Ipod or cell phone?

23. Friends or family?

24. Lip gloss or lip stick?

25. Manicure or pedicures?

26. Mac or sephora?

27. tiffany's or chanel?

28. Love or peace?

29. Sunglasses or purses?

X what you have:
[x] an ipod.
[getting one] a tiffany's bracelet.
[ ] a Louis vuttion purse.
[x] a computer.
[x] a cd player.
[x] a stereo.
[x] a spice girl cd.
[x] a cosmo girl magazine.
[x] a teddy bear.
[x]a build a bear.
[ ] an American eagle purse.
[ ] hollister jeans.
[x] a hot topic shirt.
[ ] a cell phone.
[x] an aeropostale shirt.
[ ] a big screen TV.
[x] the mean girls dvd.
[ ]TV in my room.
[ ] a big bed
[half] a brother or sister.
[ ]a diamond ring.
[x] a pearl necklace.
[ ] a prom dress.
[x] a book.
[x] a myspace.
[a sample] curious perfume.
[ ] g-unit sneakers.
[x] a black shirt.
[ ]abercrombie skirt
[x] rap cd
[a virtual one] diary or journal
[x] pink nail polish

Girl Knowledge:

Do you know exactly where the blush goes?

Would you say you know how to put on make up?
I guess

Do you know how to french braid hair?

Do you have a specific color of cover up or foundation you wear for your skin?
its like very light

Do you know what kind of lip gloss can make your teeth whiter?
yep, red.

Do you use an eyelash curler?

How many colors of eyeshadow do you own?
a load

do you use water proof mascara?
not usually, but if I'm going to swim or cry, I will

how much do you pay for make up?
not a lot

Does toothpaste really help acne?
proabaly not

How many times a day do you apply lipgloss/stick?

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